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Path Forward

A Necessary Book For
Anglicans Today

  • How did the Anglican Communion get to this point?
  • What must we do to preserve Anglicans’ worldwide witness to the Gospel?

Stephen Noll has had a front-row seat in the struggle for orthodoxy over the past twenty-five years. While there are no easy answer to the challenge of radical secularism, the incredible emergence of Global South Christianity has shifted the center of spiritual power away from the compromised churches of the West, providing a faithful, vital and hopeful path for the Anglican Communion.


Endorsed by Scholars and Church Leaders

Books come and go, so why should this one matter? The answer is given by the world’s most prominent Anglican Bishops, Archbishops, experts and theologians — they recommend this book to your attention.

Rev. Professor James I. Packer

These well-informed and well-crafted essays successfully uphold the authority of scripture, faith and morals, as Anglicans have historically received them and trace the development of Global Anglicanism as indicated by the Jerusalem Statement and Declaration.
Rev. Professor James I. Packer,
Regent College

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, President of OXTRAD

Professor Noll shows us how to be on the right side of a fundamental divide, and why it is so important for our own spiritual integrity and those for whom we have a responsibility.
Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali,
President of OXTRAD

Bishop Mouneer Hanna Anis

In this outstanding book, Stephen Noll pours out all of his tremendous experience in the Anglican Communion. As we read it we can easily feel his passion for the Church and its future.
Bishop Mouneer Hanna Anis,
Chairman, Global South Anglican Network

Prof. Kevin Vanhoozer

Together, these essays represent a clarion call for a mere Anglicanism that acknowledges the plain and canonical sense of the Bible as the Word of God for the church’s faith and practice.
Prof. Kevin Vanhoozer,
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Bishop Bill Atwood

I have watched and worked with Stephen Noll for more than twenty-five years, and he has consistently shown keen analysis and powerful arguments about how to move forward without surrendering Biblical authority.
Bishop Bill Atwood,
International Diocese, Anglican Church in North America

Archbishop Foley Beach

In a time when the world-wide Anglican Communion is facing a tremendous onslaught of secularism and pluralism, “The Global Anglican Communion” is a refreshing examination of where we are today in defending and promoting the Gospel.
Archbishop Foley Beach,
Primate of the Anglican Church in North America

Bishop Robert W. Duncan

The Global Anglican Communion is a must-read for those concerned to shape a coherent, faithful and dynamic Anglicanism for the 21st century.
Bishop Robert W. Duncan,
Archbishop-Emeritus of the Anglican Church in North America

Dr. John Senyonyi

I worked with Stephen Noll at Uganda Christian University and learned to respect both him as a person and his passionate defense of the Gospel “once delivered to the saints.” Professor Noll’s summary and exposé of the principal deviations from the doctrines of Scripture, human nature and the church are immensely helpful.
Dr. John Senyonyi,
Vice Chancellor, Uganda Christian University

Archbishop Peter Jensen

Professor Noll has been thinking and participating in the debates over the nature of the Anglican Communion for a considerable time. Indeed he has played a pivotal role at various moments of its recent history. His contribution is definitely worth reading and pondering as we seek the Lord’s will for our future relations.
Archbishop Peter Jensen,
General Secretary of Gafcon

Prof. Edith Humphrey

Sometimes friends outside the Anglican Communion are tempted to ask, “Will the real Anglican please stand up?” This book provides faithful Anglicans and their friends with the clear witness of an Anglican in whom there is no guile!
Prof. Edith Humphrey,
Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Archbishop Nicholas D. Okoh

An erudite contribution to the GAFCON cause by a trained and seasoned Christian theologian who has been there from the beginning.
Archbishop Nicholas D. Okoh,
Primate of Nigeria
and Chairman of the Gafcon Primates Council

Bishop Rennis Ponniah

This book contains all that we have come to appreciate about Stephen Noll: his commitment to the authority of holy Scripture, his robust loyalty to classical Anglicanism and his clarion call to fight for the Church’s faithfulness to the faith once delivered. It will cause you to join the battle with clarity, tenacity and genuine love.
Bishop Rennis Ponniah,
Anglican Diocese of Singapore

Bishop Jack L. Iker

As a Bishop who has survived these tumultuous years of what Dr. Noll aptly calls “a battle for the soul of our Anglican heritage,” I commend this book to you as a helpful “vision of a renewed and reformed the Global Anglican Communion.”
Bishop Jack L. Iker,
Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth (ACNA)

Rt. Rev. Prof. Grant LeMarquand

The essays in this book probe, dissect, analyze, and diagnose movements within contemporary Anglicanism and their theological foundation (or lack thereof). The prognosis is both distressing and hopeful. Although Anglicanism may survive its recent upheavals, radical surgery may be required. Noll’s is a voice much needed.
Rt. Rev. Prof. Grant LeMarquand,
Retired Bishop for the Horn of Africa

Rev. Dr. Ashley Null

In an era of shrill contentiousness that sends lovers of peace understandably looking for cover, Stephen Noll is to be commended for reminding us that to proclaim the Gospel can also mean to defend it from the assaults of contemporary culture.
Rev. Dr. Ashley Null,
Anglican Canon and Author

Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon

Assembled in this volume are 25 years of reflections from the fertile pen of Dr. Stephen Noll, a clear, reliable spokesman for classical Anglicanism. Strongly recommended.
Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon,
Pastor of All Saints Antiochian Orthodox Church

Rev. Vaughan Roberts

This collection of essays bears witness to both the sad decline of the liberal church into ever greater false teaching and compromise in recent years, as well as the emergence of a global coalition of faithful Anglicans, determined to preserve the faith once for all entrusted to the saints.
Rev. Vaughan Roberts,
Rector, St. Ebbe’s Church, Oxford

Dr. Philip Turner

Stephen Noll makes a proposal for a shift in the identity of the Anglican Communion from a fellowship of churches in communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury to a fellowship of independent churches united by a common confession of belief and practice and ordered by conciliar forms of governance. This is a book that should be read and discussed by supporters of these actions and proposals and critics alike.
Dr. Philip Turner,
Author of Christian Ethics and the Church

Bishop Tito Zavala

Dr. Noll helps us to reinforce the armor of God we had put on, so that we can stand firm in today’s troubled world and confused Church.
Bishop Tito Zavala,
Bishop of Chile and Former Primate of South America

Rev. Prof. Joseph Galgalo

“The plumb line” has been set. True Anglicans will be known by their genuine faithfulness to the scripture and ancient formularies. Noll is passionately prophetic and understandably contentious, juxtaposing prophetic judgment with a sure hope.
Rev. Prof. Joseph Galgalo,
Vice Chancellor, St. Paul’s University, Limuru, Kenya

Canon Phil Ashey

Steve Noll weaves a vivid tapestry of the crisis of false teaching at the highest levels of the Anglican Communion from 1993 to the present. The Psalmist asks: “When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?” With rich documentation and critical thinking, Dr. Noll answers that question.
Canon Phil Ashey,
President & CEO, The American Anglican Council

Dr. Mark Thompson

Love for the Lord, his word, and his people has led Stephen Noll to channel his considerable biblical and theological gifts into a worldwide effort to rescue the Anglican Communion from the compromise and rank apostasy that characterizes so many places in the West.
Dr. Mark Thompson,
Principal, Moore College, Sydney

Archbishop Eliud Wabukala

Professor Stephen Noll has written an accurate analysis on the genesis of the breakdown of order in the Anglican Communion due to heresy supported and perpetuated by the ecclesiastical establishment. It’s a compelling apologia for the reform and renewal of the Communion.
Archbishop Eliud Wabukala,
Retired Primate of Kenya
and Chairman of Gafcon Primates Council

Survey Of Our Time

What The Book Covers

The Global Anglican Communion shows how important matters of basic Christian doctrine came into play in the Episcopal Church and later in the wider Anglican Communion. It narrates the historical conflict between the West and the Global South at the 1998 Lambeth Conference, and at the 2008 Global Anglican Future Conference in Jerusalem, with clear explanations of the two major documents of those conferences. It looks to the development of Global South Anglicanism with the hope of transformation through this “movement of the Spirit.”


the bible as god's word


marriage as god's design


the church as god's bride


the communion as global fellowship


An erudite contribution to the GAFCON cause by a trained and seasoned Christian theologian who has been there from the beginning.

Archbishop Nicholas D. Okoh,
Primate of Nigeria
and Chairman of the Gafcon Primates Council


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