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“I face daily being picked up by the soldiers. While the opportunity is there I preach the Gospel with all my might.”

–Janani Luwum, Kampala 1977

“I shall therefore declare unto you my very faith how I believe, with­out any colour of dissimulation: for now is no time to dissemble.”

–Thomas Cranmer, Oxford 1556

About This Blog

Welcome to Contending Anglican!

This is a blog about Anglicanism, the historic witness of Christian faith which took its distinctive form at the English Reformation and which has now spread worldwide to become Global Anglicanism.

Sometimes “mere Anglicanism” has been caricatured as “milquetoast Anglicanism,” which, as Bishop Colin Buchanan has quipped, “conceives that fudge is better than principle.” For every Obadiah Slope or Vicar of Bray, however, there are Anglicans who have put on the whole armor of God and contended for the faith, even unto death. True Anglicanism is the Church of Thomas Cranmer and Janani Luwum.

This blog is about the crisis of identity which has overshadowed Anglicanism, especially over this past twenty-five years, which calls for contemporary Anglicans to stand firm in the faith.

“Contending Anglican” is derived from the subtitle of my book The Global Anglican Communion: Contending for Anglicanism 1993-2018, which is forthcoming in March 2018.

The argument of my book is to set forth

the vision of a renewed and reformed Global Anglican Communion, a communion of churches that builds on the heritage of the Church of England and represents the emerging leadership of formerly colonial Anglican churches, whereby the oversight of doctrine and discipline has shifted from Canterbury to the Global South.”

About Me

From “About the Author”
The Rev. Dr. Stephen Noll was born and raised in Arlington, Virginia. He graduated with a B.A. (Phi Beta Kappa) from Cornell University in 1968 and received the Master of Arts degree from the Graduate Theological Union in 1970 and the Master of Divinity degree from Church Divinity School of the Pacific in Berkeley, California. He studied under Professors F. F. Bruce and Barnabas Lindars at University of Manchester (UK) where he received the Ph.D. in Biblical Studies in 1979. In 2008, he was awarded the Doctor of Divinity degree from Nashotah House Theological Seminary.

Stephen became a Christian and was baptized in the Episcopal Church in 1966. He was ordained deacon and priest in 1971 and 1972 and served as Assistant and Priest-in-Charge of Truro Episcopal Church from 1971-1976.

In 1979, he joined the faculty of Trinity (Episcopal) School for Ministry, where he served for 21 years as Professor of Biblical Studies and Academic Dean, and is now Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies.

Beginning in 1992, Stephen became involved in the theological controversies in the Episcopal Church. He was a founding Board member of the American Anglican Council and was active at the 1998 Lambeth Conference, networking with bishops from the Global South.

In 2000, he was appointed the first Vice Chancellor [President] of Uganda Christian University in Mukono, Uganda, where he served two terms, retiring in 2010. Stephen continues to serve as the Archbishop’s Special Advisor on the Global Anglican Future for the Anglican Church in North America and also as Chairman of the ACNA Task Force on Marriage, Family and the Single Life. He has been active in the Gafcon movement and serves as Convener of its Task Force on Women in the Episcopate.

In addition to the writings in this volume, Dr. Noll has written a book on Angels of Light, Powers of Darkness: Thinking Biblically About Angels, Satan, and Principalities and Powers (InterVarsity Press, 1998). He maintains a website of miscellaneous writings at www.stephenswitness.org.

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The White Horse Tavern was an inn in Cambridge where Reformers gathered to debate the future of the church in England.